Customer Service, huh?

I have to say, I cannot believe the number of rude responses, lack of assistance, or no responses at ALL, I receive from a lot of businesses I am reaching out to for wedding stuff.

Take for example, I have e-mailed several places and caterers to get some ideas on menus and pricing for the reception next summer. I heard back from two who were awesome, gave me tons of details, full pdf’s that I could print out with information, all that good stuff. Another replied back with three words “No, we don’t”, when I asked them if they do catered BBQ (we want it to more more like a laid-back picnic, and we LOVE BBQ), and two others have not even responded back. 

I just am so shocked by this lack of customer service. I mean, to the two businesses who haven’t responded since I emailed them (twice now…just in case the first didn’t go through…or something)…what the eff? Do you NOT make money from people paying for your overpriced shit? You have lost my business already, even if you WOULD eventually respond, because it has now been over two weeks. Don’t give me an excuse of it still being busy wedding season. It’s email. You don’t even have to call me…simply take some freaking files that hopefully you already have saved, and email them back to me. IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

And to the business that simply replied “No, we don’t”, with not even a salutation…you suck. You didn’t even offer something else? Like “No, we do not offer BBQ, but we do have XYZ that you maybe interested in?” and then include some menus, other info, etc? Who knows, maybe you have something that I never thought of, that I might like better?

It’s just crazy to me the lack of customer service. These brides want to throw money at you and you don’t have the decency to reply with courtesy? Pffft. To that I say…

Excuse the foul language…but i cant stop laughing at this.

Excuse the foul language…but i cant stop laughing at this.

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First Wedding Purchase!

I think this means this whole wedding this is real now…i just spent my first coinage toward the wedding. And what better way to start than….MY WEDDING SHOES.

That’s right. Even before the wedding dress, I am thinking about the shoes. I really wanted to wear blue shoes. I’m planning on a shorter or tea length dress, so these puppies will be shining. Plus, I can also wear them with the dress I plan on wearing to the party/reception.

I think buying shoes first was the best way to actually get my butt in *slight* gear to actually start caring….maybe.

Here are my Badgley Mischkas!

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